The Days Are Getting Shorter — See Also

BIGLAW FIRM ADMITS IT BOTCHED SEXUAL ASSAULT INVESTIGATION: I guess, admitting mistakes is the first step to improvement. JUDGE V. JUDGE: Judges are suing over Facebook posts because our society is almost over. CONSTITUTIONAL JUJITSU: If Ed Blum really cared about Asian-Americans, he’d be fighting to hold Harvard University accountable to Bakke, not trying to …

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People v. Hudson

(California Court of Appeal) – Held that the trial court followed improper procedures in finding that the defendant’s prior assault conviction was a strike under California’s Three Strikes law; applying the California Supreme Court’s recent decision in People v. Gallardo, 4 Cal. 5th 120 (2017). Remanded for further sentencing proceedings on the defendant’s conviction of …

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People v. Adams

(California Court of Appeal) – Affirmed two men’s convictions of forcible rape in concert and other charges but remanded for resentencing, in a case transferred from the California Supreme Court for reconsideration in light of People v. Contreras, 4 Cal. 5th 349 (2018), which addressed constitutional issues related to sentencing a juvenile nonhomicide offender.

US v. Sellers

(United States Ninth Circuit) – Held that a defendant caught in a reverse-string operation might be entitled to obtain discovery from the government on his selective enforcement claim. The defendant argued that he was targeted in the reverse-string based on his race. Vacating an order denying him discovery, the Ninth Circuit held that in stash …

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Walmart to Pay $65M Settling Lawsuit Over Cashier Seating

Walmart cashiers in California won a landmark victory in their class action suit, Brown v. Walmart, for the right to take a seat. Though denying any wrongdoing in this nine-year-old federal case, Walmart agreed to pay $65 million to nearly 100,000 current and former cashiers, preventing the case from going to trial later this year. …

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