The DIFC as a conduit: alive and kicking… after all! (Part 2)

As I anticipated in Part 1 of this blog, recent case law precedent of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Court of First Instance (the CFI) has revived the DIFC Courts’ role as a conduit jurisdiction for the recognition and enforcement of a domestic non-DIFC award for onward execution onshore. By way of reminder, in …

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Non Sequiturs: 12.09.18

* A fantasy from the fevered imagination of Lawprofblawg: playing the role of the Grinch who stole meetings. [Lawprofblawg] * Joel Cohen wonders: should jurors be instructed about the possible inaccuracy of descriptions of forensic evidence in “cop show” television programs? [Law and Crime] * David Oscar Markus isn’t afraid to take on tough cases …

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C.S. v. Superior Court (The People)

(California Court of Appeal) – Held that the juvenile court must articulate more clearly and explicitly its reasons for transferring a gang-related murder case involving a 15-year-old defendant to adult criminal court. Issued a writ of mandate commanding the juvenile court to vacate the challenged transfer order and make further findings.