Morning Docket: 01.03.19

* R. Kelly threatens to sue Lifetime, a lawsuit that will be totally worth it if the judge has to say “don’t pee on my leg and say it’s raining.” [TMZ] * Alex Van Der Zwaan’s attorney, Laura Grossfield Birger, tapped to run the SDNY Criminal Division. That’s some… curious optics right now. [Courthouse News …

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Morning Docket: 10.19.18

* John Quinn of Quinn Emauel has no plans to step down as managing partner, no plans to retire any time soon, and no desire to do any succession planning (aka “an example of superfluous business school-speak that adds nothing”) for his firm. After all, the business of law “is a pretty dumb business.” [American Lawyer]

* Elon Musk has been sued by a Tesla shareholder in the Delaware Court of Chancery over his “erratic behavior” and the company’s board has been dragged into the suit for their alleged “gross mismanagement” of Musk’s Twitter antics. [Delaware Business Court Insider]

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