US v. Allen

(United States Fifth Circuit) – On a habeas petition, held that the district court should have held an evidentiary hearing on a federal inmate’s claim that he received ineffective assistance of counsel. It was error not to hold a hearing.

Fernandez v. Capra

(United States Second Circuit) – Held that a New York inmate convicted of murder‐for‐hire was entitled to federal habeas relief, in this case where he claimed that the prosecutors knowingly offered perjured testimony at his trial. Reversed the denial of his habeas petition.

Weathers v. Davis

(United States Fifth Circuit) – On remand from the U.S. Supreme Court, affirmed the denial of federal habeas relief to a man convicted of capital murder. Held that his earlier-rejected claim of intellectual disability could not be considered further in light of the recent decision Shoop v. Hill, ___ S. Ct. ___ (Jan. 7, 2019).

Sims v. Hyatte

(United States Seventh Circuit) – Held that an Indiana inmate was entitled to federal habeas relief. His due process rights were violated because the state withheld evidence, specifically, by failing to disclose that the only witness who could identify him was hypnotized before trial to enhance his recollection. Reversed and remanded with instructions to grant …

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