Morning Docket: 01.18.19

* Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, which was a rotten thing to do to America’s hottest lawyer. [Buzzfeed] * Skadden settles with government over Manafort fiasco to the tune of $4.6 million. [NY Times] * Ben Brafman officially out as Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer. [Law360] * Net neutrality case will press forward after …

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Morning Docket: 01.17.19

* Jay-Z pointed out that it’s nearly impossible to find a diverse arbitrator and Blank Rome says the claim that white arbitrators may be biased against minorities, “dubious, indeed offensive” and “contravenes every published authority on the matter.” Every published authority? Bold. [American Lawyer] * Law professor notes that legal technology is going to kill …

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Morning Docket: 01.09.19

* In case you missed President Trump’s wall speech, he stopped short of declaring a national emergency at the border (lost that bet), instead referring to the situation as a “growing humanitarian crisis” — a “manufactured” one, per Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. [USA Today]

* Remember the contempt order against a state-owned foreign corporation that Chief Justice Roberts stayed in the Mueller probe? The Supreme Court restored it, and that company filed for cert under seal. Suspense! [National Law Journal]

* Speaking of the Mueller investigation, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who has been overseeing the probe more or less since it began, is planning to quit his job in the coming weeks after William Barr is confirmed as the new attorney general. [ABC News]

* “I don’t want to speculate about her health, but it doesn’t seem like a good sign.” Justice Ginsburg missed oral arguments two days in a row, which has prompted much concern about her well-being. Please stay strong, RBG. We need you! [The Hill]

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Morning Docket: 01.02.19

* Out of the mouths of babes federal judges: “Those conclusions – that the president’s statements on national security are not always to be taken literally or to be trusted – are legal victories for his Justice Department….” Did you think you’d ever see a something like this written about the U.S. president? That’s our Trump! [USA Today]

* A good New Year’s resolution for the federal judiciary? Chief Justice John Roberts says that while progress has been made when it comes to protecting law clerks from sexual harassment, “[t]he job is not finished until we have done all that we can to ensure that all of our employees are treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.” [Washington Post]

* The American Federation of Government Employees, a labor union for federal employees, has filed suit against the government, claiming that requiring essential employees to work without pay during the shutdown — an “inhumane” practice for people who don’t know when their next paycheck is coming — violates the Fair Labor Standards Act. [CNN]

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Morning Docket: 12.28.18

* Who are the least stressed out attorneys? [Law360] * Looks like Michael Cohen’s phone was in Prague after all. Could it be… these people lied about everything? [McClatchy] * Missouri’s public defender system is broken and the state Supreme Court is being asked to do something, anything about it. [Courthouse News Service] * Do …

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