US v. Black

(United States Second Circuit) – Held that three defendants were deprived of their Sixth Amendment rights to a speedy trial because they had waited more than five years for a trial. Affirmed the dismissal of certain criminal charges against them relating to a murder.

US v. Korte

(United States Ninth Circuit) – Affirmed a parolee’s convictions for bank robbery. He contended that the government should not have been allowed to rely on his parole condition to perform warrantless searches, such as placing a GPS (Global Positioning System) tracker on his car.

US v. Read

(United States Ninth Circuit) – Held that a criminal defendant had the Sixth Amendment right to demand that counsel not present an insanity defense. The defendant had strongly objected to being defended in that manner, and now contended that he was entitled to a new trial because his wishes were not respected. Agreeing with him, …

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People v. Barton

(California Court of Appeal) – Disagreed with a recent decision from another California Court of Appeal concerning waivers of appeal rights. Held that where a criminal defendant negotiates a plea for a stipulated sentence and waives the right to appeal the sentence, the defendant may not take advantage of a favorable sentencing law enacted thereafter …

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People v. Anthony

(California Court of Appeal) – Affirmed four men’s convictions for gang-related murders. Although the trial judge erred in admitting one defendant’s statement to police and some of a gang expert’s testimony, those errors were harmless here.

US v. Gilton

(United States Ninth Circuit) – Held that the trial court should not have granted the defendant’s motion to suppress cellphone location evidence. Although the warrant was not supported by probable cause, the deficiencies were not so stark as to render the police officers’ reliance on the warrant entirely unreasonable. Reversed the granting of the suppression …

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People v. Perry

(California Court of Appeal) – Affirmed a California inmate’s conviction of possession of marijuana in prison. Held that passage of Proposition 64, which made it legal for adults to possess small amounts of marijuana, did not alter the prison-related statute under which he was convicted.

US v. Street

(United States Seventh Circuit) – Affirmed a conviction for Hobbs Act robbery, rejecting the defendant’s contention that police officers engaged in unlawful racial profiling when they initially stopped and questioned him about the crime.