Rainsberger v. Benner

(United States Seventh Circuit) – Held that a police detective did not have qualified immunity from a claim that he used deliberately falsified allegations to demonstrate probable cause. The plaintiff, who had been charged with murder, filed this civil rights lawsuit after the charges against him were dropped.

Olivier v. Baca

(United States Ninth Circuit) – Held that a pretrial detainee could not proceed with his claim that he was unconstitutionally denied a bed for three and a half days. His processing into permanent housing had been delayed by exigent circumstances, specifically, inmate fighting and lockdowns. Affirmed summary judgment against his claim.

Thomas v. Anderson

(United States Seventh Circuit) – In an amended opinion, reinstated an Illinois inmate’s civil rights claim that he was beaten by prison guards and undeservedly disciplined in retaliation for lawsuits and grievances he had filed. Reversed a JMOL and remanded for further proceedings on his retaliation claims.

Ogunkoya v. Drake

(United States Second Circuit) – Held that two county assistant district attorneys were absolutely immune from claims that they violated a defendant’s constitutional rights by failing to timely arraign him on certain charges. Reversed the denial of absolute immunity in this civil rights lawsuit.

City of Escondido, California v. Emmons

(United States Supreme Court) – Held that the Ninth Circuit failed to properly analyze whether two police officers accused of excessive force had qualified immunity. The Court of Appeals should have asked whether clearly established law prohibited the officers from stopping and taking down a man in the circumstances presented, rather than defining the excessive-force …

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Neely-Bey Tarik-El v. Conley

(United States Seventh Circuit) – Revived an Indiana inmate’s claim for injunctive relief, but not damages, in a case where he alleged that he was prevented from participating fully in the worship services of the Moorish Science Temple of America. Reversed summary judgment on his Free Exercise Clause claim, in relevant part.

Parsons v. Ryan

(United States Ninth Circuit) – Reversed certain rulings interpreting and enforcing a settlement agreement in a prisoner civil rights class action. Arizona inmates alleged that prison officials had failed to comply with a settlement resolving claims of systemic Eighth Amendment violations.