Morning Docket: 11.14.18

* Insiders say that President Donald Trump is expected to turn over his written responses to special counsel Robert Mueller’s questions about Russia’s interference with the 2016 election as soon as sometime this week. Ooooh boy, this should be fun. [Reuters]

* According to retired Justice Anthony Kennedy, the world’s culture is “becoming vulgar,” and it’s up to the United States to “show a culture, a discourse, a civil dialogue that’s enviable and admirable.” Yeah… good luck with that. [Washington Times]

* White House regulatory czar Neomi Rao has been nominated to fill Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s seat on the D.C. Circuit. In case you somehow missed it, Rao had a hand in the renaning of George Mason Law to ASS Law. Congrats! [National Law Journal]

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Morning Docket: 11.13.18

* Matt Whitaker releasing opinion supporting Matt Whitaker. Well, that’s settled then. [Wall Street Journal] * Tesla loses securities lawyer. They’d best take Elon’s Twitter machine away from him until further notice. [LA Times] * I dunno, this still seems cheaper than an actual ticket. [Law360] * Man with pet alligator calls Jungle Law to …

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