Morning Docket: 11.02.18

* Justice Brett Kavanaugh isn’t the only one who’s relying upon calendars as a defense to sexual misconduct allegations. President Donald Trump says he’ll turn over portions of his calendars and journal entries to combat allegations that he forcibly kissed Summer Zervos, a former Apprentice contestant. [USA Today] * Do you support term limits or …

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Morning Docket: 10.31.18

* Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) says he plans to introduce legislation to end our “absurd policy of birthright citizenship.” Good luck with that, Senator, because if you want to amend the Constitution, you’ll need a two-thirds majority in Congress and ratification of three-quarters of the states. [The Hill]

* Women are allegedly being paid to make false sexual assault and harassment claims against Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and now the FBI is investigating the situation. The going rate for these made-up stories is apparently $20,000. [The Atlantic]

* After having its plan to gift a troubled law school to Middle Tennessee State University be flat-out rejected, Valparaiso Law has decided to call it quits. We’ll have more on this totally unpredictable development later today. [ABA Journal]

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The New York Bar Exam Results Are Out, And They’re Not So Great (July 2018)

Uh-oh. These results are certainly not as good as they were last year…