Morning Docket: 02.14.19

* Paul Manafort is the Energizer Bunny of lying and he’d now botched his own plea deal. [Huffington Post] * Apple attorney in charge of insider trading compliance charged with… insider trading. [Law360] * John Roberts declared himself the First Amendment’s most passionate defender at the Supreme Court, which is absolutely true if you limit …

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Morning Docket: 12.11.18

* Supreme Court rules pose obstacles to crowdfunded amici briefs. The Court’s rules seek to limit influence purchased by shadowy, unknowable big donors. Let’s see how the Citizens United faithful react when this problem comes knocking on their door. [National Law Journal] * Meng Wanzhou’s lawyers looking to get their client out on bail as …

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Asian Americans v. Harvard: A Closer Look

What are the key issues in the case, and when can we expect a ruling?