Morning Docket: 12.06.18

* Michael Cohen and DMX have a lot in common? Do you not believe that? Well, f**k what you heard, it’s what you hearin’.

* Better Ingredients. Illegal Employment Contracts. Papa Johns. [Law360]

* The American Lawyer Awards name their “Law Firm Of The Year.” I’ve never been to the American Lawyer Awards, but I assume the opening musical act about mid-year raises was hilarious. [American Lawyer]

* It’s been so long since anyone took the prospect of limiting telecom monopolies seriously, I kind of forgot we had those laws until the White House decided it didn’t like CNN. [National Law Journal]

* The 21st century has revolutionized the efficiency of working remotely… but getting promoted is still a 19th century process. [Legaltech News]

* Mayer Brown interested in growing more in NY. Hopefully with fewer sexual harassment problems this time. [New York Law Journal]

* This may shock you, but Congress is having a difficult time forging a workable set of self-driving car regulations that they can pass. Those folks are usually so on top of things… [WIRED]