Fernandez v. Capra

(United States Second Circuit) – Held that a New York inmate convicted of murder‐for‐hire was entitled to federal habeas relief, in this case where he claimed that the prosecutors knowingly offered perjured testimony at his trial. Reversed the denial of his habeas petition.

People v. Rocha

(California Court of Appeal) – Remanded a murder case with instructions to hold a hearing to consider whether to strike firearm and other sentencing enhancements in light of recent legislative changes, in an opinion on remand from the California Supreme Court.

People v. Jimenez

(California Court of Appeal) – Affirmed a conviction for assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer. However, remanded for resentencing in light of recent legislation relating to prior serious felony enhancements that became effective after the defendant’s sentencing.

D'Antoni v. US

(United States Seventh Circuit) – Held that a federal inmate was entitled to habeas relief. He had received an enhanced sentence under a clause of the 1990 U.S. Sentencing Guidelines’ career-offender provision that subsequent case law had established was unconstitutionally vague. Remanded for resentencing.