Morning Docket: 03.22.19

* It’s cliché to label this, “but their emails” right? [NY Times] * R. Kelly wants to see this sex tape. Let’s presume it’s for defense purposes. [TMZ] * Navigating the privacy waters between GDPR and CCPA. [Corporate Counsel] * Gordon Caplan has a court date with Aunt Becky. [American Lawyer] * While eDiscovery has …

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People v. Medina

(California Court of Appeal) – Held that it was error in this attempted-murder case to instruct the jury on a “kill zone” theory, which allows a defendant to be found guilty of trying to murder victims who were not the defendant’s primary target. However, the error was harmless in this case involving two gang members …

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People v. Hargis

(California Court of Appeal) – Held that a juvenile who had been tried and convicted as an adult was entitled to a juvenile fitness/transfer hearing under a recently adopted law, under the circumstances here. Conditionally reversed his conviction and remanded for a juvenile transfer hearing.